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Colonizing the Beach BETA TEST VERSION

This game explores how selective predation can effect fur color phenotype in two different populations.

- Take a minute to observe the layout. There is one population of mice that inhabits an inland habitat. Mice die and are born at random intervals. For the purposes of this simulation we have prevented them from colonizing the light sand beach by putting a fence between the two habitats.
- Introduce a mutation to the inland population. Do it three or four times to be sure the new phenotype doesn't randomly die out before it has a chance to reproduce.
- Introduce the predator. How does the predator affect the phenotype frequency in the inland population?
- Remove the predator and reintroduce the mutation (three or four times like before).
- Colonize the beach and re-introduce the predator and observe what happens.

Game Notes:
- This game was inspired by research being conducted by the Hopi Hoekstra lab at Harvard University: http://www.oeb.harvard.edu/faculty/hoekstra/

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